Welcome to Letter Management System

This web-site provides you the capability to manage your official notesheet and letters quite easily and efficiently. Our focus is to make a single portal to manage all the notesheet and letters you create while getting your work done. This tool will also tell you what and to whom you have written your letter and on what date, so whenever you need to know these things you can just sign-in and check what you have done earlier without searching your physical files which is quite troublesome sometime.

Notesheet Format

Notesheet is the covering document to any letter. It contains the subject and short description about the letter. It has the signing authority details and the official designation in the bottom in hierarchy.

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Letter Format

Letter contains the actual matter including sender and receiver authority details and the detailed information about the matter. It sometimes also contains the reference letter number.

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Election Comission of India

The Election Commission of India is an autonomous, established federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes in the Republic of India.


National Voter's Service Portal

NVSP is specially designed for the voter's of India. This portal gives all the election related services to voter's online 24x7 like - searching their name in voter list, applying forms etc.


Chief Electoral Officer Chhattisgarh

This site has the functionary information about Chhattisgarh Chief Electoral Office. All the technical services from state office is given via this website.


DEO's Portal

DEO website given to all district officer and their technical team to maintain the voter's data and related services. All the software given by state office are accessible via this platform.