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Version 3.3(15/02/2014)

Chhattisgarh Employment Service covers all the 27 districts in the state of chhattisgarh.

It takes care of Day to day administration of the Employment Exchanges.

As a part of administrative functioning, data are collected through 13 Employment Exchange Statistical Returns, each return covering a specific field of activity like registration, placement etc. with different periodicity.

As a part of Employment Market Information Programme it takes care of the collection of data from the Organised Sector (all public sector establishments and all Non-agricultural private sector establishments with 10 or more workers) on employment, vacancies, occupational and educational pattern of employees etc. in ER-I and ER-II return prescribed under the Act.


Provides for compulsory notification of vacancies and submission of employment returns (ER-I and ER-II) by employers to the Employment Exchanges.

Applies to all establishments in the Public Sector and such establishments in the Private Sector as are engaged in non-agricultural activities and employing 25 or more workers.

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